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Originally, I wanted to post this on Valentine's Day, but it took me forever to put this together so I decided I'd go ahead and post it anyway. It's all of my favorite Brooke/Lucas moments spanning Season 1 through Season 6. And this thing was a monster to put together and an even bigger bitch to code, but I'm really kind of proud of it and I wanted to share it with you guys. So, enjoy. :)


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Celebs:Misha collins,jensen ackles,alex pettyfer,jared padalecki
TV shows:One tree hill,supernatural,gossip girl
Movies:Harry potter,twilight Dream team,alex Rider
Headers:Twilight dream team,jensen ackles

HERE @ jeuxd_enfants

more @ starsz191 ; here

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Celebs:Taylor Swift,jensen ackles,jackson Rathbone,Ashley Greene,megan Fox,Zooey Deschanel
TV shows:One tree hill,supernatural,
Movies:Sherlock holmes,the hichter,the Host,Eclypse
Headers:Sophia bush ,The host

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The rest here @jeuxd_enfants

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colorisation:kristen stewart
gossip girl(X29),holmes cast(X19),one tree hill(X19)
SPN black/white(X29),taylor swift(X26)
twilight &dream team(X36)

the rest@ my livejournal

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icons:avatar(x25),holmes cast(x21),twilight saga cast(x45)
banners:sophia bush(x3),twilight saga cast(x15)
headers:avatar(x2),twilight cast(x4),sherlock holmes(x1),sophia bush(x1)

Elementary my dear Watson )

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Brucas fanmix!

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[30]House MD (Huddy)
[22]leighton meester
[10]megan fox
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11]Gossip girl&cast
[20]house MD cast
[08]katie Cassidy
[17]life with derek cast
[22]one tree hill&cast
[10]shia laboeuf

When holiday takes over )

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